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Thomas Halstrick


Beratung für den Mittelstand

Consulting for medium sized businesses




I consult the medium sized





 As an engineer and with long standing experience as manager with responsibility for people and results, I know the challenges for the medium sized industry. This builds besides other experiences the foundation for my competency in consulting with which I can support you in mastering your multiple tasks.

The consulting priority is clearly focused on the technical and sales side. This relates to my long standing operational experience and my academic background.

In special situations I am also available as manager to fill vacant positions temporarily.

Over the years one gathers lots of experience to deal with conflicts. This will be a special assets which I can provide for the Change Management. But not alone that: as a trained mediator (univ.) and business coach I can deal even more professional with conflict situations and are also available as a personal business coach for your managers. An advantage which can help you to reduce resource wasting friction losses and becoming more focused.

It´s not how the wind blows but rather how we set sails, what matters.