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Thomas Halstrick


Beratung für den Mittelstand

Consulting for medium sized businesses

Openess towards Results

Transparency of the given frame conditions and the room to negotiate need to be clear for the mediator and the client parties. Within those frame conditions and the room for negotiation the mediator will neither push nor enforce a solution brought forward.


All information about process and content are treated generally confidential, i.e. they are not to be handed over to third parties. If there is a duty to give information to context responsible persons this will only happen as agreed with the parties. There will be no information given about the mediation process but only of the results.


Even if a mediation is initialized by the context the parties have the freedom when and with which result they want to finish the mediation and in which form and amount they want to participate in the mediation.


The mediators feel obliged to watch the interests, needs and sensitivities of all parties of the conflict in the same way.

Free from responsibilities in the context

Who has responsibilities for decisions in the context, cannot act as a mediator in that same context.

Professional understanding of conflicts


  • Conflicts are neither good nor bad
  • Not the conflict is the problem but the way to deal with that conflict
  • Mediation works on the way to handle the conflict

Nothing in history of life is more constant than the change.

Charles Darwin