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Business Mediation engl

Thomas Halstrick


Beratung für den Mittelstand

Consulting for medium sized businesses


Mediation can be found in a private as well as in a professional environment. My service is strictly limited to the professional side, i.e. organizations and their members.

With mediation not the solution of a conflict stands in the forefront but more the relationship between the conflict parties and the recognition of the background of the conflict. A new perception arises by using a structured and person-focused process and allows a different approach to the conflict. This has not only implications on the actual conflict but results also in a sustainable conflict behavior and a change in dealing with conflicts towards an atmosphere of constructive debate.

Following § 1 of the German Mediation law, mediation is defined as follows:


Para. 1:

“Mediation is a confidential and structured process, with which the parties voluntarily and on their own responsibility strive for an amicable settlement of their conflict with the help of one or more mediators. “


A Mediator is:

Para. 2

„A mediator is an independent and neutral person without decision power, who guides the parties through the mediation process.”


In Business Mediation one differs between internal and inter- business mediation, i.e. with public authorities, suppliers, customers etc.


The fundamental principles of mediation are as follows1:



1: Please click on the principle to get explanations






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