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Business Coaching engl.

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Beratung für den Mittelstand

Consulting for medium sized businesses

Business Coaching

Definition Coaching1

„Coaching is the professional consulting, supervision and support of persons with management/ control functions and of experts in companies/organizations. The goal of coaching is the development of individual or collective learning and performance processes in regard to primarily business matters.

As a result and solution oriented form of consulting coaching serves the enhancement and preservation of the capability. As a tailored consulting process on individual needs coaching supports the improvement of the business situation and the creation of roles under challenging conditions.

The future geared and value adding development of a company/ organization shall be boosted by optimization of the human potential.

Coaching is a combination of individual support to master different concerns and personal consulting. In this consulting the client will be stimulated to develop own solutions. The coach enables the identification of problem causes and thus serves for finding a solution for the problem causing processes. The client ideally learns to solve his problems by himself, to further develop his behavior/ perceptions and reach effective results.

A principle characteristic of a professional coaching is the promotion of self-reflection and cognition and the self-directed improvements of the clients possibilities in regard to cognition, experience and behavior."

1: Source: Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V. (www.dbvc.de) (translated)

Coaching is in differentiation neither psychotherapy nor consulting, mentoring or training.

Following the requirements of the dvct e.V.  (Deutscher Verband für Coaching u. Training) I cover as a coach the 5 important areas of competence:

  • Personnel competence
  • Acting competence
  • Methodical competence
  • Social-communicative competence
  • Field competence

1: Please click on the principle to get explanations

This is possible through a well-founded coaching education, years of experience in leading people, empathic approach and field experience in the industrial sector.

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